Hargraves Rural Fire Brigade # 15715
ABN: 34 026 884 185

Paying member Subscriptions has never been easier.

If you use Internet Banking please pay directly into the Hargraves Rural Fire Brigade account as follows:

  • BSB: 062-577
  • Account # 00800538
  • Commonwealth Bank Mudgee

To obtain your receipt please eMail the Secretary/Treasurer with your name and contact details that were added to the online deposit or over the counter at any Commonwealth Bank branch.

If you prefer please pay your subscription at any Commonwealth Bank branch and have the teller add your Surname and Property name to the deposit so it can be identified.
Un notified payments will be accepted as 'anonymous donations' to the Brigade fund with thanks!

Here is a sample subcription transaction:

Amount: $??

Transfer to: Hargraves Bushfire Brigade

BSB: 062-577

Payee: SUBS name property

Account: 00800538

Bank: CBA Mudgee NSW

After payment please eMail the S/T for your receipt if required.

Please note the amount $?? may vary from year to year, check the homepage for the latest subscription rate per property / landholder.

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